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     American Legion Baseball is a national pastime, having thrived through a world war, several national tragedies, and times of great prosperity as well as great despair.  The league still stands behind the traditional values upon which it was founded in 1925. American Legion Baseball has taught hundreds of thousands of young Americans the importance of sportsmanship, good health and active citizenship.  The program is also a promoter of equality, making teammates out of young athletes regardless of their income levels or social standings.  American Legion Baseball has been, and continues to be, a stepping stone to manhood for millions of young men who have gone on to serve their country or community, raise families or play the sport at the highest level.

The Greenville American Legion baseball program consists of "area players" ranging in age from 15 years to 19 years of age.  All the players have demonstrated unique baseball ability, along with a desire and passion to improve their skill set. 

Our goal is to provide the youth of our community a positive athletic experience playing the game of baseball.  We strive to teach players the discipline of teamwork and good sportsmanship.  We challenge players toward the perfection of physical skills and bring into play the excitement of tactics and strategy of the game.  We pride ourselves on being outstanding young men in addition to being talented players.


Tre Nelson and Travis Groom signing with Coach Scott Ponegalek at Lake Michigan College - GO RED HAWKS

Congratulations GUYS we are very proud of you both!

Steven Powell signing with Coach Mike Cupples at Grand Rapids Community College

Congratulations Steven!

"College Alumni Players"
Player College/University Year
Travis Groom Lake Michigan College 2013
Tre Nelson Lake Michigan College 2013
Noah Peterson Lake Michigan College 2013
Steven Powell Grand Rapids Community College 2013
Ed Heyboer Wabash College 2013
Mike Heyboer Wabash College 2013
Blake Timmer Trinity Lutheran College 2013
Brandon Phillips Grand Rapids Community College 2012
Tyler Bowerman Kalamazoo Community College 2012

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